Here's what you should know about countertops

When you need countertops, you'll want to consider all your material options. Each material offers specific benefits, which are likely to serve you better than others. Be sure to list your requirements to match what you find while searching.

The material you choose should match your decor and your durability requirements. But it should also offer the lifespan you want and need from these surfaces. You're sure to find out everything you need to know about these products.

Quartz countertops work for so many

Quartz countertops offer extensive visual options with color options that are almost limitless. And these products can mimic a variety of other materials like marble and granite. This results in a stunning decor match that works well with your room furnishings.

But quartz is also durable and offers long lifespans that cater to your needs well. In addition, they're scratch and stain-resistant and help keep your kitchen looking cleaner. So, it could be the best match for even the busiest kitchens.

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Consider granite countertops if you need durability

If you need an all-natural material for this surface, choose granite countertops. But there's so much more for you in this product line, including impressive durability. These surfaces resist wear and heat and scratches, stains, and chips.

It's important to talk with your design expert about sealing these counters. Since they are a natural material, they'll need maintenance from time to time for the best results. And with these products in place, it's easy to keep up maintenance and cleaning regularly.

Countertop installation facts

Once you choose a specific material, we'll make sure to take precise measurements. Then we'll discuss placement options and finishing your countertops. They will surely be a delight to you for years to come.
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Take time to choose your countertops today

At South Lake Tile & Stone, you'll find our design experts are standing by to help you find the best materials. We cater to all budget levels, offer free estimates, and ensure excellent customer care. We'll put our experience to work for you and your remodel of any size.

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